The Old Bench

Nestor Zurita

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The Old Bench

There is some thing powerful in every day objects. Benches on public spaces are shared by many throughout decades often transcending our life span. They are socially beautiful because everyone can use them regardless of their age or economic situation. It’s an object that does not discriminate it welcomes all. How many stories could those benches to tell. How many children have sat and imagined their future on the same bench that old people sit to contemplate their past. They become sanctuaries to whom ever sits on them. These benches provide rest to the restless. A moment to pause, to reflect, to breathe. A moment to observe life’s constant flow and to stay still.

Composition and Saxophone Nestor Zurita H. Nestor Zurita H. All rights reserved ©️ Kayak Records.

Picture by Fabrizio Azzarri

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