Vital Signs

Nestor Zurita and Augustus Black

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'Vital Signs' is a varied and rich introduction to the 'third stream' classical & jazz influenced music of The Salamander Project. It pulls no punches in its use of extreme timbres, and advanced harmonies and rhythms, but this is always offset by more emotionally direct material. It takes the open-eared listener on a musical journey that includes many shades of mood and intensities of emotion. It is unconventional at times, but where it breaks the rules, there is always a definite purpose behind it. This is a duo that aims to carry the listener with them - to unknown and fascinating places. And they use the full range of acoustic, electro-acoustic, and electronic sounds to achieve that aim. The effect of the music can be powerful and visceral, and then by turns lyrical and romantic, funky and intense, or cool and cerebral. Nothing is off limits, but there is a discipline in their approach, the rhythm is played with passionate intensity, and maintaining maximum musicality while stretching the forms is a fundamental rule. This is the first of a landmark series of releases from Nestor Zurita & Augustus Black. They sincerely hope you will listen to and follow the whole series. There will be plenty of surprises along the way.

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