From the fiery crucible of creativity comes "The Salamander Project" a unique Classical and Jazz inspired Duo that was born from the collaboration of British musician Augustus Black on piano and US/Ecuadorean musician Nestor Zurita on saxophone.

The new ‘third stream’! It is unusual to hear such a seamless blend of diametrically opposed aesthetics, Classical and Jazz. There is something of the grand manner in both elements, but something very new in the way they complement one other.”

— Guy Fairbrother: International Jazz Times

At last, some intelligent, hip new music for thinking people - Bravo - a duo to watch.”

— Ralph Novak: Freelance journalist

The Salamander Project, an unfamiliar duo to this writer, return to an older oevre here, where one art form attempts to interpret or translate the essence of another. That it succeeds so markedly is testament to this duos rare abilities, and also presents a wake-up call to the devotees of simplistic ‘new tonalism’ and rhythmically dull minimalism; here is all of the harmonic richness and rhythmic intelligence one should expect of globally aware, progressive 21st Century musicians working in the postcolonial era.”

— Nathan Watkins: Critical Review