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Internationally acclaimed Saxophonist & Composer Nestor Zurita, a multi-faceted artist, brings to you a new experience in music listening.

Open your ears and engage your hearts and minds for there are treasures to be found here! Rewards a-plenty, for the dedicated listener this music brings vivid, emotive impressions of all kinds of places, peoples and scenes, from the Street Life to the Cathedral to the Jungle - you cannot fail to be struck by the many sides, moods and messages, and by the richness of the influences present in this wonderful music.

Switch on your music app, it's the 'same old same old' wherever you go, the question is why stay in the shallows? Following Nestor's music is a thrilling adventure into the Deeps!

Nestor is always moving forward with something fresh and interesting, exploring new musical territories.  Sign up for an exclusive unlimited access to the music recordings, be the first one to listen to new upcoming projects and receive host of discounts on a full range of music services, including private lessons, session work, scores and texts, commissions and constantly updated content.