Home Concert Series

Hi I want to share with you this simple but powerful idea that I've had for the past few years. I want to bring beautiful musical concerts into peoples homes. 

Having live music in our home next to those we care for the most it's a wonderful experience that everyone should be able to enjoy. This is a great way to connect with family and neighbors and create a sense of community. 
I am committed to bringing beautiful concerts to every corner of the world. With your support that goal will be closer. 

The way it works is by invitation-only in someone’s home, backyard, clubhouse, office, etc.. presented by a host who does not profit from the event and attended by between 20-50 people.  The concert is paid for by the guest thru a set donation price determined by the host. The concert is performed in two, 40-minute sets with a 20-minute break. 

Become a patron for the arts today! 
If you or someone you know would like to be A host for the "Home concert series"  please let me know.


During the performance

Through out the concert the music takes the audience through a journey of musical discovery like no other. Where the rhythms of Africa melt together with sounds of India. Or sounds of Arabic music fused with jazz rhythms. 

Before each tune I give a brief explanation as to how it was created and which elements form part of it. Combining elements of music from different cultures from around the world with jazz harmonies gives the music a universal appeal that everyone can relate to. 

Each one of the songs has a positive and uplifting story behind it. This will help cement the experience in peoples minds so they can remember it for years to come.

The Home Concert Series is A Grass Roots Movement
whose mission is to build new audiences and to bring excellent concerts into peoples homes.